We’re a small independent video game studio in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We have some availability for new contracts and remote work in 2021-2022.

Email us: [email protected]

What we do

  • Game design, player-centered experience design
  • General development and programming for mobile, desktop, and web
  • Code in Unity C#, Swift, Haxe, JS; dev in Unity, XCode, HaxeFlixel

What we’ve made

“Tumble Time” for NOPOPO / Devolver Digital

We’re handling all technical development and integrations for Tumble Time, a sarcastic yet engaging free-to-play mobile game featuring IP across indie publisher Devolver Digital’s entire catalog. Coming soon to iOS and Android.

“We Dwell in Possibility” for Manchester International Festival

In collaboration with illustrator Eleanor Davis, we made a lush garden simulation as a commission for MIF’s “Virtual Factory” programme. Despite its high res graphics and thousands of animation frames, we crunched all the files down to a 22 mb footprint suitable for a HTML5 web target – compatible across iOS, Android, and desktop browsers. (press: VICE, PC Gamer, Kotaku)

Who we are

For work inquiries, please email [email protected]

We’re an experienced husband-husband design / dev duo, currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Eddie Cameron is a designer / programmer. Before co-founding Grapefruit Games, Eddie served as Senior Engineer at Dots, building visually stylish mobile puzzle games for millions of players. (Website: https://eddiecameron.fun; Twitter: @eddiecameron)

Robert Yang is an artist / developer. Before co-founding Grapefruit Games, Robert was an assistant professor of game design at New York University’s Game Center, teaching design and dev for 8 years. Robert’s work has been exhibited around the world and he has given dozens of talks on games and culture. (Website: https://debacle.us; Twitter: @radiatoryang)