Due to me being a silly person, I’ve been too busy to even look at this site. Robert Yang and I have been working on an overambitious project for superfriendshipclub.com’s Justice pageant. The game, Muckraker is based on a theme of justice through sensationalist journalism, and how it translates the most traditional form of punishment, shame, to modern society. But really it’s just a stealth game with film recording/editing (think Thief + Fatal Frame + our MiniLD #27 entry, Polonius )

Anyway, look out for a beta for Muckraker as well as a “Dev Diary” of sorts in the next couple of weeks.


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3 thoughts on “ENFORCED HIATUS

  1. [...] 13) I decided to use the pathnodes + A* implementation I had already written for Muckraker. The problem we had was that our forest has nothing to block line of sight, so my old LOS based [...]

  2. [...] then play it back on an object. This is something I’ve had to do several times already. In Muckraker it was how you could ‘film’ something. Rather than record all the changing variables [...]

  3. [...] game that Robert and I worked on for a while was Muckraker, about investigative journalism. This involved ‘filming’ certain events, and replaying [...]

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