Over the Hill

Finally! The tangle of ideas cluttering up my mind have worked themselves into something almost resembling…something.

I somehow have made a mod of an almost usable state, and although public showing is still a while away, I can show you this delightful mess:

What I can say concretely (in back-0f-box bullet form)

  • It is a Source SDK mod and requires Half-Life 2: Episode 2
  • It is short, probably < 1 hr
  • It has no guns
  • It has no ragdoll effects
  • It has plenty of pretension

I fancy it an ‘art’ game, although ultimately that definition is up to the player (This statement conveniently states how pointless I think Ebert’s rant is). It breaks a couple of well worn rules found in game design, not for any rebellious need to ‘re-evaluate game design theory”, but because in the act of ignoring expected rules, authors can coax out some powerful realisations.

Or so I hope!

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